Brandon Dunning
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Quiet Courage
Quiet Courage is a series that focuses on the life of Sylvester “Frank” Dunning, my grandfather; he belongs to the “Greatest Generation” consisting of Americans who came of age during WWII and the Depression. Frank was born in 1932 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and has lived in South Attleboro, Massachusetts for most his life. My grandfather stopped attending school after ninth grade to find employment and help with his family’s financial struggles. In 1953 he was drafted into the Army and served until he was honorably discharged in 1955. During this time he married my grandmother Madeline Pierce and they have been married for over 60 years. My grandfather embodies the characteristics of his generation: persevering through difficult times and putting the greater good before himself. Through his constant persistence he developed values of personal responsibility and duty.

I am trying to connect with my grandfathers past while photographing him in the present. Through this perspective I compare my own life to my grandfathers. I was conflicted and constantly trying to subjectively photograph my grandparent’s interactions and domestic lives without romanticizing the way my grandparents live their lives. It’s uncertain what thoughts my grandfather has of himself he is a person of few words so I explore a history lived through the act of remembering.